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Online lessons via Zoom


What do I need to start online lessons? 

The equipment you need for each instrument may vary slightly, but the main things you will need for all lessons are:

Desktop computer, Laptop, iPad/Tablet or Smartphone

A good internet connection. Ideally broadband.

Zoom account



Here is a more detailed breakdown of the equipment and setup you will need for each instrument lesson.

Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

These are the two easiest types of guitar to teach online. The main reason for this is because no cables or extra technical things are needed. All you need is the guitar itself.

Set up is quite easy. All you need is a laptop, iPad or smartphone with a microphone and camera and you are ready to go. The guitar audio and video is picked up by the same device.

If you want to have better audio and video quality then you can consider buying a seperate webcam and microphone for your laptop or tablet. However, this is not essential. Most laptops, tablets and smartphones have very good cameras and mics these days anyway.

Electric Guitar

Electric guitar can be a bit more complicated to set up. The most basic method, although not ideal, is to just plug into your amplifier as normal and just play through this into Zoom. However, this can be very noisy for you and your neighbours and is also not the best quality.

The best setup for electric guitar is to have an audio interface or mixer that will enable your signal to go into your computer. For more information on this please contact us.


A digital piano/keyboard or acoustic piano can work in the same way as an acoustic guitar. The sound can be picked up by the microphone on your device. Again, you could improve audio with a separate microphone, or you could connect your keyboard through USB into your computer if it has this connection.

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