MA, BA (Hons)

Jonathan has been teaching for seventeen years. He teaches guitar (popular and classical), piano, singing, and ukulele. He can also work his way around a drum-kit!

Jonathan has gained grade 8 singing and grade 7 piano with ABRSM.

Jonathan feels that one of the most important aspects of education is the personality of the teacher. He enjoys working with children. Children enjoy his lessons because he is respectful, treating everyone as an equal, and he has a sense of humour and sunny personality. Jonathan's students smile a lot and are not scared of making a mistake. In other words, he creates an environment conducive to learning.

Jonathan is a reflective teacher: he always looks for ways to improve the content of his curriculum and the methods of his teaching. He teaches playing from sheet-music, playing tunes by ear that a student likes, composing, theory, music history, jazz, reading by chord symbols, and he prepare students for exams.

"My career is very enjoyable--I am teaching my passions!"

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