London-born Ben Witherstone is a young professional guitarist. His experience spans genres from contemporary pop as far as big-band Jazz, musical theatre and orchestral music. Ben began playing at age 12 and played his first professional gig at age 15, since then he has been a regular live-performer. Ben has performed at many notable venues including Wembley Arena and The Royal Albert Hall.


When asked his favourite style of music, Ben says “Anything with a groove, which should be everything, really!”. While Ben is more-than-capable technically , his playing shifts focus from speed and technicality toward taste, time and melodic phrasing within the context.


Ben is now based out of Ealing, West London. He has a constantly expanding client base of producer/engineers, bandleaders and private-students. Ben is available for hire as a guitarist for virtually any professional setting, and when he’s not the man for the job, his vast network of professional musicians will always contain someone who is!


Ben is equally comfortable working in the recording studio. He is knowledgable when it comes to microphone technique and production. Ben is able to operate Pro Tools and Logic, and can work on projects in either of these formats from his home-studio.